Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catching Up

I'm super behind in blogging and posting any pictures. Life is just busy. I'm also finding myself on Facebook more and more...I was so against Facebook at one time but I'm loving it now. It's been amazing to catch up with old friends and fun talking back and forth to friends and family I see all the time. I do still enjoy reading blogs and I'm so glad there are still people posting on them. It's a whole different forum. I have my favorites for sure!

Brendan went to Prom with a good friend that he has known since 1st grade. Even though they are just friends, he wanted to ask her in a memorable way, since it's her senior prom too, so he wrote the words "Prom?" on a piece of paper and I took a picture of him holding the sign and he printed it out and then went to her house (with help from her family telling him when they were all out of the house) and taped it to her door, along with balloons and was super cute. She gave him her answer by standing next to the stuff he left for her and she was holding a sign that said "Yes" and she sent it to him on his phone. It was cute. I can't believe my baby is graduating in a few weeks. I'm so ready for him to be done with high school. I can't believe I will have two kids in college...and none in regular school at all!!! Exciting though!

The other pictures I'm posting are of the day we went wedding dress shopping with all the bridesmaids. I realize that Lauren isn't in any of the group shots though and I'm sad... she was a little late and we obviously didn't take another group picture after she got there.. but she is also a bridesmaid and was there for most of the time that day...I do have a picture of her with Em though but Em is wearing a wedding dress and I don't want to post any pictures of her actually in a dress because I know Steven looks at this blog sometimes and we don't want him to see any pictures. :) This is the second trip out trying on dresses...still unbelievable for this mom to see her daughter in a wedding dress... Wow! It's been good to look at all of the pictures because the one she thought she loved she didn't love so much when she was looking at the picture. We have plenty of time though. We also had a fun day looking at all the venue choices for the reception. We still have more to look at but are putting that part on hold until Steven comes home, which isn't that far away. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On My Wish List.....

Maybe for Mother's Day?..... Mother's Day, Christmas and Birthday all in one? :)

The Kindle 2 is so cool. I can't imagine having all my favorite books on this little gadget and also being able to download new books at any time. Technology...Wow! Check it out Here

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Into This Right Now

I'm loving this song !

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Emily and Steven are Engaged!!!

Steven proposed to Emily last week! It's very exciting. Steven surprised her at the beach. We love Steven alot so we are happy for them. They are good together. I can't believe my baby is getting married!!!. They are thinking of being engaged for about two years so I have some time before my tears start flowing..LOL. Steven will be gone for about 8 more months or so and when he comes home they are going to start planning the date. Emily is still in school and also I know she's not going to plan the date to be before she gets her braces off for sure!! Lauren was sweet and the first night she heard she went out and bought Em a whole stack of wedding books and an engagement journal with a ribbon around it. Very cute and Emily loved it. It will be fun to start looking at wedding things. Last night we were at Disneyland and she and Lauren saw wedding stuff in a window on Main Street and they got excited and ran in there to check it out..LOL.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Baby is 21 Today!!

Happy Birthday to Emily! I can't believe she is 21-years-old. :( She got the best birthday present she could ask for because Steven got home last night for two weeks. Today they left to go snow boarding for four days. She's very happy!

Here are some pictures from last night after they got home from the airport.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Homecoming Dance

Here are some pictures of Brendan and Caitlin going to Homecoming Dance. It was actually held at the school for the first time and they brought in all these giant video screens, a DJ and couches outside with a red carpet. Brendan said it turned out to be really fun. Only two more dances before he graduates..Sadie Hawkins and Prom..

I was thinking about it... both Emily and Brendan have not missed one single dance with their school ...and have gone to many dances with someone at other schools as well. Can you add up the money I've spent? LOL. It's funny because there is such a difference in boys and girls...Emily had to shop and shop to find that perfect dress, make an appt. at MAC for make-up, also have her toes and nails done, hair appt. for the day of the dance..get together early in the day and spend all day with all her friends so they could get ready together...
For Brendan... we went to Macy's (it only took one store)shopping for his shirt and tie to match Caitlin's dress on the Thursday before the dance and he already had black pants that he wore only once before so he wore those... He didn't even want to try it on and was annoyed that I had the lady measure him to make sure we had the right neck size at least..Funny! It was the first dance that he didn't need me to drive him or pick him made me sad. :( They looked so cute though.

We all met at one of Brendan's friends house to take pictures of them and all their friends and the parents had a professional photographer set up in the backyard to take pictures and they are going to E-mail it to us. I also took this one there. Nice idea!

Doesn't he look thrilled? Apparently I was taking too many and he couldn't stand up straight anymore.. :)

Gary let Brendan take his cute is he opening up the door for her? Awwwww....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amy Concert

I went to see Amy Grant at the Mariner's Church in Irvine a few weeks ago...what a beautiful church! Amy re-released her Lead Me On CD, which was one of her best CD's and one of my favorites. She is on tour for this CD and her older music. It was such a great concert. She also put together her same band from that tour years ago..many who have gone on to solo projects and working with other musicians, for example, her guitar player from that tour is now Keith Urban's guitar player and he was there, which made my friend Crystal very step closer to Keith. LOL It was a long day but so worth it. We had soundcheck passes so we got to go watch that early in the afternoon and met some fun people. It was fun to see how they work out the "bugs" from the night before and rehearse parts over and over. They were all really funny. We also had passes to a pre-show party later in the evening before the concert. Amy sang a couple acoustic songs at that. The actual concert started at 8:00 and it was so good!!!. So much energy and so inspiring. It was fun to hear the older songs performed.



Pre-Show Party

Chris Rodriguez..for Crystal

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Pictures

I have so many cute pictures that I just uploaded from my camera so I'm just posting some of them in no order

Emily and Caleb playing at the park.

I love this picture of Caleb trying to look over the top. He's so cute!

Lauren and Emily at Disneyland

Emily, Steven and Caleb at Disneyland on Monsters Inc.,

Steven and Caleb at Disneyland

Me and Emily on the new Toy Story ride at Disneyland with our 3D glasses

Angela and Caleb on the Toy Story ride at Disneyland

Brendan and Caitlin at Brendan's birthday dinner

Brendan's 18th Birthday Party

A month later I'm finally getting these posted...anyway, for Brendan's 18th birthday party we rented out the Youth Center and it turned out to be a great place to have a party (we actually reserved it already for Lauren's bridal shower in March). They have a great kitchen area. It's always scary to have a room that big and worry if enough people will come to fill it up. :) It was invite only and we had a list at the door to prevent uninvited guests and people just walking by coming in (which I was worried about) It was a great party and fun to see Brendan's friends...some that he's played hockey with for years...friends from school...some he's known since 1st grade....all grown up now. Everyone seemed to have fun. We had a DJ and gave them all glow stick necklaces or bracelets to wear while they were dancing where the lights were darker...they worked up an appetite... We had two 5 feet burritos and a ton of food and not too many leftovers so I was happy about that. I'm very thankful to my great friends for helping me at the party and also calming my nerves the whole week before. My baby is 18! I can't believe it. Emily will be 21 in January..Scary

Brendan and his crazy glow-in-the-dark glasses that he just had to have.

Emily and Jill taking a break from helping set up.

Brendan and Caitlin

He loves the movie cars and he loves the color green and this green and black went with his party color theme! Yes, it was an 18-year-old's party.LOL

Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Alaska Trip for Em

Emily went to see Steven again in Alaska before being deployed. She was gone for two weeks. His mom and his sister came the second week. She saw a moose on the side of the road for the first time. She got to see Sarah Palin as she came to the base to speak to the troops. This is also the first time she has been there without snow. It's so pretty. Here are some of her pictures.

Emily and Steven

She said this pictures goes far over to the right with many more soldiers she was not able to fit in the picture.

This is so pretty!
Sarah Palin

Please keep Steven in your prayers (and Emily as she adjusts to not talking to Steven every night on the's been four days since he's been able to call....she's missng him)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brendan's First Day Of His Last Year Of School

My baby is a senior this he is on the way to school on his first pencil in backup, no pencil pouch, no backpack..,minimal paper so his 1/2 inch notebook won't be too thick, notebook decorated on the front with pictures of girlfriend, pictures of hockey...when I was in school...I had my pencil pouch full of pens and pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, as much paper as I could fit in my notebook, dividers to separate my subjects..... (was I a nerd?) He has a light schedule, which includes a T.A. class for a teacher who loves him and lets him eat and text message during her class and he gets out before lunch because he has his credits needed for senior year but still....he was also chosen to be a senior seminar leader so he's having a great senior year so far. It's crazy how they take senior pictures over the summer. They change so much. I guess they are trying to spread out the cost of senior year and help us out a bit..ha.

So This Is Cool Disney News....

Disneyland and Disney World are giving a free ticket on your birthday in 2009.
Read About It Here

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Touching Story

This is kind of long but it's worth watching. I've always loved Steven Curtis Chapman's music and when I initially heard this story their pain and loss affected me. What a neat family they are and their faith in God is incredible. By part three my tears were flowing and I needed a kleenex for sure!

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

part six

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

28 Random Things

My friend Shelly sent this to me in E-mail so I thought I’d post my answers here. I won’t “tag” anyone but if you read my blog it would be fun to see your answers on your blog. She actually did 50 things, I know I probably have more than 50 odd things about me but I am only doing 28 (I know, random number).

Sometimes I only eat the chocolate off a chocolate-covered Altoid cinnamon mint and throw away the mint.

I don’t like any kind of fruit juice, especially grape juice, and when taking communion I quickly scan all the cups to find the one that has the least amount in it.

One of my best friends and I have been friends since Kindergarten.

When I was little I always thought there was something “magic and exciting” behind the walls of Disneyland and would try to peek whenever a gate or door would open. To this day, I could seriously sit on a bench at Disneyland for way too many hours and be happy.

I wish I liked Blueberries, grapes, oranges and avocado (not together).

I love to be barefoot outside and feel “earth”, especially sand at the beach and really green grass.

I tried out for a game show called “Supermarket Sweep” with my sister.

I love to hear my kids laughing

I love the sound of water and waves crashing. I love the sound of rain and I love to watch it hit water. I love the sound of wind chimes.

I miss my sister and my mom every single day.

I eat the middle of a dill pickle and throw away the skin.

I like to fish (with a bobber) and don’t mind putting the bait on the hook or cleaning fish.

I smile when I see elder people and I love talking to them.

I am B.J. Thomas’ biggest fan and have been since I was 11-years-old (I think everyone knows that about me).

I love to have the A/C on high and cover up with a blanket or wear a sweatshirt.

I only drink Aqua-Fina water--slightly slushy is my favorite.

I am a “dipper” and dip food in random things, including dipping my morning toast in my coffee. Olive Garden bread sticks dipped in alfredo sauce-yummy!

I love to stay up late and only need six hours of sleep.

I still watch I Love Lucy reruns.

I don’t like scary movies.

I love to roller-blade.

I love the smell of laundry in the dryer.

I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t like red meat.

Too often, I rent movies and take them back without even watching them.

I am terrified of tornados but I love to watch extreme weather shows or “live feeds” of tornado chasers.

When I was in high school I once memorized 100 Bible verses to be accepted into a "summer servant" program at my church.

I only like drinking out of paper cups or plastic disposable cups.

I love to be the first person up in the morning.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Stuff

I love office supplies and "to do" lists (and checking them off!). I came across this site. How cute are these? The blue one even comes in different colors.

Check out this site

Friday, July 4, 2008

Brendan and Hockey

He's in the red jersey, white helmet and #6. He's always had #6 ever since he started playing hockey at 5-years-old.

Two of his greatest fans, sister and girlfriend!

High school hockey is over but Brendan has moved onto a new team through Anaheim Ice. It's much more physical and I hide my eyes alot more than high school hockey. They get away with alot more that's for sure. He played in this league last year too. It's definitely exciting. He loves it though! We bundle up in jackets and blankets and our boots. It's so cold in there! ..